How Growing Companies Can Evolve Their Equity Compensation Strategy

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In this webinar, experts from Infinite Equity and Pave share how you can successfully evolve your ownership structure to meet changing needs by: 

  • Gathering the background information needed for project success including historical grants, previous plans, and future company growth.
  • Determining the sources of external market data and peer practices. 
  • Creating the go-forward equity strategy; determining vehicle mix, eligibility, and vesting schedules.
  • Evaluate the need for providing interim liquidity.
  • Conducting the market data analysis and calculating the affordability of the equity plans.
  • Improving participants' appreciation of their equity benefits through effective education, resources, and technology.

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Featured Speakers


Jon Burg

Managing Partner, Infinite Equity 

Matt Schulman

Matt Schulman

Founder and CEO at Pave

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