Equity Valuation Solutions

ASC 718 and IFRS 2 require companies to estimate the fair value of their equity compensation, from simple time-based options and restricted stock to more complex performance and market-based awards. Infinite Equity has expertise valuing a wide range of award programs.

Stock Options
and SARs

Restricted Stock and RSUs

Performance and Market-Based Awards

Infinite Equity can support companies at every stage from award design to final payout and everything in between.

Award Design

Infinite Equity enables companies to expertly navigate award design with comprehensive understanding of accounting implications to ensure success and avoid grant date “surprises.”

Peer Group

Companies may need to establish a peer group to develop valuation assumptions. Infinite Equity recommends an appropriate industry peer group by considering critical factors.


Companies need defensible and auditable assumptions within their valuation models. Infinite Equity examines available sources and methodologies to determine a recommended approach for each assumption.

Expected Life

Expected Volatility

Forfeiture Rate

Fair Value

Infinite Equity calculates the fair value of your equity award after selecting the appropriate valuation model (Black-Scholes, Binomial, Monte Carlo, etc.).


Infinite Equity delivers certified reports and will walk your audit team through the analysis and results to ensure complete sign-off.


Infinite Equity provides visibility of the award design’s impact on financial disclosure, including the Summary Comp Table and eventual realized and realizable pay illustrations.

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