Infinite Equity at NASPP 2023

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Infinite Equity was founded by several self-proclaimed “industry addicts” who are passionate about providing companies the guidance they need to create equity compensation programs that drive performance, fuel innovation, and foster a culture of ownership.

To compliment our presentations at NASPP 2023, our team has curated a number of articles and resources that can provide additional insight into the topics you’ve been learning about this week. Just let us know which subject you’d like to learn more about.

Infinite Equity Speakers at NASPP 2023


Terry Adamson


Level Up on Equity Accounting


Liz Stoudt


M&A Accounting and Data Action Plan

Geoff Hammel

Geoff Hammel

Managing Director

How to Ensure your Plan Administration Processes Can Handle Complexity

Michelle Tomsetti

Michelle Tomasetti


Your 5-Step Plan to Equity Administration Efficiency


CJ Van Ostenbridge

Managing Director

Valuation 101 -  Inside the Simulations


Fuel innovation, drive performance, and ignite a culture of ownership with ­end-to-end equity solutions.


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