Equity Plan Design

Plan designs that fuel innovation and move your business forward should not only align with your corporate strategy, but also encourage engagement and a culture of ownership — two foundational pillars of success in any organization.


Custom plans designed sustainably

At Infinite Equity we have a long and proven track record of designing a wide range of plans using a variety of equity vehicles.

Every plan is designed on a one-to-one basis, so you can be assured that it meets your specific company goals while avoiding administrative complexity or unintended outcomes.

"Our ESPP program was redesigned by Infinite Equity with enhanced features that further benefit our employees. Infinite Equity listened to our specific needs and developed a design that fit our culture perfectly.

A variety of crisp and clear training materials were crafted by their communications team to drive home the additional value our new design will provide and increase both perceived value and participation in the program."

Jill Stipanov, Qualcomm

Here are a few of the equity and equity-like vehicles we can design for you:

Stock Options convey the right for employees to buy company stock at a fixed “strike price” over a certain period of time (typically seven to ten years).

Reward Increased Value Over Time

Stock Options allow participants to share in the increase in the value of the company.

If the value of a share increases above the strike price, employees can exercise their options and buy stock for less than the current market value.

After exercise, employees can:

i) sell the stock and realize their gain, or
ii) hold the stock and remain a shareholder.

Stock Options are one of the longest-term equity awards, allowing employees to share in the (hopefully significant!) increased value of the company over a substantial time horizon.

Designed for Your Goals

We aren’t limited by the bureaucracy or red tape found at other equity firms.

Instead, we partner with companies and their compensation advisors and use a proprietary creative process designed to meet your specific goals. 

IE_Icons_Define Your Goals

Define Your Goals and Objectives

A well-designed equity plan starts with clearly defining your objectives to ensure all decisions have a framework to evaluate alternatives.

IE_Icons_Determine Award Features

Determine Award Features

We work with you to determine the remaining plan design decisions using competitive practices data and an understanding of compliance and implementation considerations.

IE_Icons_Historical Back Testing

Use Historical
Back-Testing and Rigor Testing

We examine hypothetical payouts of new design historically and test the rigor of the goals.

IE_Icons_Approvals And Implementation

Seek Approvals and Implementation

Finally, we ensure a smooth overall approval process by obtaining Management buy-in, education for the Board, and proactive disclosure and outreach to Shareholders.

When your employees act like owners, their potential is infinite.

Performance Awards & ESPPs

Under the Plan Design umbrella, Infinite Equity understands the importance of tying plan design with corporate objectives and employee engagement.

As a result, we specialize in designing performance-based equity plans by leveraging Performance Awards.

Performance Awards are some of the most prevalent equity awards that are offered. To discover whether Performance Awards are right for your organization, click here.

ESPPs, or Employee Stock Purchase Plans, are another powerful strategy used to promote a culture of ownership throughout the organization. Companies looking for something more broad-based and engaging to a wider audience may want to consider implementing an ESPP.