Financial Reporting, Compliance & Valuation

Infinite Equity provides financial reporting services for stock-based compensation to companies large and small. Our clients range from multiple Fortune 500 companies with hundreds of thousands of participants to small organizations with fewer than 50 participants. 

Any Industry. Any tax situation.

We deal with all types of share-based payment awards, across all industries, with different management accounting needs, and unique tax situations. No matter the complexity, Infinite Equity enables companies to fulfill their equity compensation reporting requirements with efficiency and confidence. 

"I highly recommend Infinite Equity to any company seeking comprehensive and reliable valuation and performance-tracking services for their stock-based compensation needs. The Infinite Equity team's support has provided us with a level of efficiency and confidence that was previously unmatched.

What sets Infinite Equity apart is its ability to adapt to our unique management accounting needs, providing tailored solutions that address our specific challenges. Their proactive approach and attention to detail have been extremely valuable, knowing that our valuations are in expert hands. Infinite Equity has not only simplified our equity compensation processes but has also added value through its insights and recommendations for optimizing efficiencies and tackling unique accounting issues.

With Infinite Equity by our side, we've found a reliable partner who brings automation, control, and efficiency to even the most challenging scenarios. Their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction makes them an invaluable asset to our team."

Billy Vitense, Starbucks

When your employees act like owners, their potential is infinite.

Navigate the Changing Regulatory Environment

Despite equity’s many benefits, it also presents challenges. Particularly when it comes time to administer and report this benefit in an ever-evolving accounting and regulatory environment. Equity compensation accounting and reporting rules can be highly nuanced, requiring special expertise that many companies find impractical to maintain in-house. 

Infinite Equity is here to bring automation, control, and efficiency to even the toughest cases.

With deep experience across all equity vehicles, including:

  • stock options,
  • restricted stock awards and units,
  • appreciation rights, and
  • employee stock purchase programs

Infinite Equity offers a truly end-to-end solution, benefiting companies who offer equity to their employees.

Our Solutions

Our team of experts provide a wide-range of reporting solutions for all award types, requirements, and administration systems.
IE_Icons_Financial Reporting

Outsourced Financial Reporting

Infinite Equity can support reporting requirements with a fully outsourced approach covering all types of awards and unique provisions. Solutions are designed to support your expense, tax, earnings per share, and disclosure needs.

IE_Icons_ESPP Reporting

ESPP Reporting

Reporting for Employee Stock Purchase Plans can be complex and data intensive, and it’s often not fully supported by administrative systems. Infinite Equity offers a range of fully compliant, sustainable ESPP reporting solutions.

IE_Icons_Award Modification

Award Modification

Modification of existing awards is common and can range from basic (e.g., accelerations, extension of exercise periods, and performance goal adjustments) to the more complex (e.g., re-pricing and exchange of underwater options). Infinite Equity’s support includes determining the accounting treatment, calculating the fair value and incremental expense, a signed report, and audit support.

IE_Icons_Transactional Support

Transactional Support for M&A and Spin-Offs

Infinite Equity offers custom solutions for companies involved in M&A or spin-off transactions.

IE_Icons_Reporting System Conversion

Reporting System Conversion

Changing administration systems or migrating from spreadsheets is challenging and can have a material impact on financial statements. Infinite Equity combines accounting expertise with knowledge of the most prevalent administrative systems to assist companies through conversion.

IE_Icons_Award Design

Award Design

Infinite Equity enables companies to expertly navigate award design with comprehensive understanding of accounting implications to ensure success and avoid grant date “surprises.”

IE_Icons_Peer Group Development

Peer Group Development

Companies may need to establish a peer group to develop valuation assumptions. Infinite Equity recommends an appropriate industry peer group by considering critical factors.

IE_Icons_Assumption Selection

Assumption Selection

Companies need defensible and auditable assumptions within their valuation models. Infinite Equity examines available sources and methodologies to determine a recommended approach for each assumption.

IE_Icons_Fair Value Estimate

Fair Value Estimation

Infinite Equity calculates the fair value of your equity award after selecting the appropriate valuation model (Black-Scholes, Binomial, Monte Carlo, etc.).

IE_Icons_Auditable Reports

Auditable Reports

Infinite Equity delivers certified reports and will walk your audit team through the analysis and results to ensure complete sign-off.

IE_Icons_Disclosure Visualization

Disclosure Visualization

Infinite Equity provides visibility of the award design’s impact on financial disclosure, including the Summary Comp Table and eventual realized and realizable pay illustrations.