Who We Serve

Infinite Equity’s approach to equity compensation starts with a single premise: changing a company’s culture to a culture of ownership. Our extensive background and experience allow us to assist with just about any project or challenge. Whether you’re a public, private, or early-stage company, our expert team is the perfect partner in your journey toward a culture of ownership and its many benefits.

Support at any stage

Public Companies

As a public company, offering equity is one of your most powerful tools for attracting and retaining talent.

Infinite Equity creates innovative plan designs to help public companies grow revenue and fight attrition by:
  • Maximizing the program’s value, while minimizing risk
  • Extending equity to a wider range of employees
  • Boosting equity plan engagement with a specific communications and education strategy
  • Motivating, attracting, and retaining top employees by offering them ownership
  • Responding to the unique needs of individual employees and organizations

When your employees act like owners, their potential is infinite.

Private Companies

At Infinite Equity, we help private companies design compensation vehicles that are attractive to new hires and executive talent alike. No matter where you are in your journey—from seeking early funding to making final preparations for your IPO—we know how to address the equity compensation challenges you may be facing.

Leveraging the right equity solution can unlock benefits like:
  • Attracting and retaining key management personnel
  • Alleviating participant concerns [about real value of equity awards] with structured liquidity programs
  • Navigating valuation and reporting challenges with ease … from profits interests, to volatility

Early Stage Companies

In addition to the powerful cultural advantage that early-stage and family-owned businesses can offer their talented employees, they can also offer alternate methods of compensation in the form of equity incentive plans.

Infinite Equity helps early-stage and startup companies design plans that allow the company to grow, while tackling the most complex issues, including:

  • Getting grant guidelines in place
  • Helping design the right offering for your organization (stock/equity plans, phantom stock plans, financial metric plans, etc.)
  • Modeling & forecasting share usage