Employee Education & Communications

Are you missing the opportunity to get above the noise and reach employees so they can truly understand the value of their equity compensation program?

Infinite Equity can help you transform employee compensation from a cost of doing business into a performance-driven tool to create long-term value and competitive advantage.

Clear messaging. Consistent results.

It is our team's specialty to produce eye-catching, comprehensible, yet informative materials in various formats so that your employees understand and get the most out of their compensation programs.

We have been able to communicate our equity programs effectively and efficiently as a result of collaborating with the Infinite Equity team.

Many of our employees are unable to access our intranet because their roles don’t provide easy access to computers.

Infinite Equity developed a mobile-enhanced microsite for our employees to access information about our ESPP, including terms, conditions, and benefits to gain a better understanding of our ESPP."

Cherie Curry, Hilton

Don’t Let Confusion Hold Your Employees Back

In order to bring equity compensation programs to an affordable level, businesses carefully select award options, model different scenarios, and align with shareholder expectations. These things are all significant, but it can be easy to forget the equally important part of the equation: how to communicate your program's benefits to participants.

Equity awards are inherently complex, with some awards having hundreds of moving parts. This can trigger confusion and skepticism —especially if employees believe some metrics are beyond their line of sight.

Infinite Equity’s communications solutions are specifically designed to inspire employees with the benefits and opportunities of ownership while eliminating the confusion.

Communicative Solutions We Can Provide

Booklets (FAQs/Tax)
Training Decks
And More!

Show Workers Their Potential is Infinite

We believe equity programs should be a valuable, exciting tool to retain and motivate employees.

That’s why we not only create programs that drive performance and retention, but also work hard to communicate each program’s benefits to employees. It all starts with helping participants understand the power of ownership.

It doesn't matter how complex the program is, Infinite Equity can distill its key benefits in clear and concise language to show employees why they should be invested in your program. It is crucial to get employees to understand why stock options or employee equity programs are so powerful, so they can engage in an ongoing conversation about them.

We believe equity programs should be a valuable, exciting tool to retain and motivate employees which is why we help organizations with:
IE_Icons_Ongoing Support

Strategic Consulting

No matter where you’re at with your communications plan, we can partner with you to develop your strategies, find ways to reduce confusion, and boost participation.

IE_Icons_Plan Design

End-to-End Communication Plan

Partner with Infinite Equity to develop a custom, end-to-end communications plan. From inception to implementation, we’re here to help every step of the way.

IE_Icons_Improve Experience

Implementation and Management

An effective communications strategy is ongoing and leverages multiple channels. We’ll help you implement and manage a multi-channel approach for maximum impact.

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Optimize Program Performance

With our detailed analytics, you can see trends by department, role, office, country, and more. Discover what "types and topics" of content employees engage with the most.