Participant Education & Communications

As more participants begin to receive equity as a workplace benefit, they often seek help to better understand its value and how their equity works.

Infinite Equity's IMPACT program is designed to improve participants' appreciation of their equity compensation through effective education, communication, and technology.

Clear messaging. Consistent results.

Whether your participants learn through training, quick summaries, or detailed examples, our team specializes in producing eye-catching, informative materials that ensure your employees have a deep understanding and appreciation of their equity plans.


We have been able to communicate our equity programs effectively and efficiently as a result of collaborating with the Infinite Equity team.

Many of our employees are unable to access our intranet because their roles don’t provide easy access to computers.

Infinite Equity developed a mobile-enhanced microsite for our employees to access information about our ESPP, including terms, conditions, and benefits to gain a better understanding of our ESPP."

Cherie Curry, Hilton

Empower Your Participants

What sets Infinite Equity’s IMPACT program apart?

Custom Communication Plans
Tailored communication that meets employees at the right time in the award lifecycle, ensuring your employees receive information when they need it most, fostering a deeper connection with their equity journey.

Visual Storytelling
Engaging storytelling that makes plan changes crystal clear, inspiring employees to act. When information is engaging, it sticks!

Modern Technology
Cutting-edge tools simplify decision-making, offering real-time visibility and enhancing overall understanding of equity opportunities.

Actionable Roadmap
Our roadmap guides companies to build a culture of ownership through increased equity participation and engagement.

Solutions We Can Provide

We offer a full-range of solutions to ensure your participants have the best experience — from booklets and training decks, to one-pagers, microsites, videos, and more!

Download our interactive product guide* or click the image below to visit a sample microsite.

*In order to view and interact with the PDF, you will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat.

Improving Participant Engagement Through Modern Technology


Give employees the ability to monitor and track the performance of their equity plans.


Estimate the fair value of relative TSR awards throughout their performance period.


Simplify the process of managing ESPPs and help employees manage the IRS purchase limit of $25k.


Employees can now make informed decisions about their underwater options.


Empower employees to choose the equity vehicle that aligns with their goals.

Equity Abacus

Track compliance with your company's share ownership guidelines.

Show Employees Their Potential is Infinite

We believe equity programs should be a valuable, exciting tool to retain and motivate employees.

That’s why we not only create programs that drive performance and retention, but also work hard to communicate each program’s benefits to employees. It all starts with helping participants understand the power of ownership.