Equity Administration

In today’s time, organizations are forced to do more with less. And that often means not only implementing a stock plan, but managing it and ensuring participants are engaged.

Maintain success by getting support.

Outsourcing your stock plan administration with Infinite Equity ensures that all controls are in place to mitigate risk. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with being compliant every step of the way.

When your employees act like owners, their potential is infinite.

Outsourcing your equity administration can help you:

IE_Icons_Ongoing Support

Get Support

Eliminate manual processes and ensuring data accuracy, which is critical to the success and overall compliance of your program.

IE_Icons_Mitigate Risk

Mitigate Risk

Mitigate risk for your program and organization by ensuring all controls are in place during implementation.

IE_Icons_Improve Experience

Improve Experience

Improve participant experience with strategy, education, and insight into how plans are performing.

Focus On Your Key Priorities

Is being the stock admin system administrator the best use of your internal resources?

Having Infinite Equity administer your equity system will free up internal resources to focus on internal high priority initiatives.

Get a Competitive Edge

Your equity plans can be a great tool to attract and retain talent, but only if they are competitive in the marketplace.

The right outsourcing partner helps you by regularly reviewing your plans, and delivering the latest and greatest when it comes to the types of plans employees and executives want.

When your employees act like owners, their potential is infinite.

Solutions that Meet You Where You’re At

Many equity administration companies only offer hyper-specific solutions or services, which may not be a fit for where you’re at or what you currently need.

At Infinite Equity, we can support the entire life cycle of your equity awards: from plan design to ongoing administration, accounting, transaction processing, communications, and more. Wherever you’re at with your equity awards program, we’re here to help.

Optimize Your Equity Administration