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Founded to help others chart a path to success.

Founded in 2019, by several self-proclaimed “industry addicts,” Infinite Equity was born to provide companies the guidance they need to create equity compensation programs that drive performance, fuel innovation, and foster a culture of ownership.

As recognized industry leaders, our team has worked with some of the biggest Fortune 500 public companies in the world to emerging and growing private companies and startups.

No matter your size, scale, or goals, our mission is always the same: to provide the professional prowess you need to chart your path and corporate culture forward.

A Track Record That Speaks For Itself

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Clients are Private Companies


Corporate Clients


Support 30+ Companies With Their Liquidity Events Each Year

4 Fellows of Global Equity & 12 Certified Equity Professionals on our Team

Awards and Achievements

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Smart, Strategic, Scalable

The Infinite Equity Advantage

At Infinite Equity, we’re not restricted by the traditional bureaucracy found at many organizations. Instead, our experts use a smart, strategic, and scalable approach that is custom-configured for every client and every project.

This tailored flexibility is key to our success — and to yours.

We can quickly and easily address equity compensation challenges and issues at hand, drawing on our team’s deep industry experience and diverse skill sets to identify and implement solutions that create value for you and your employees.

That’s why with Infinite Equity, you get a single point of contact - a trusted advisor averaging 15+ years of experience who not only understands all the nuances of equity compensation, but also knows how to use industry best practices to drive growth in your organization.

Our Approach

Infinite Equity began with a vision to truly partner with clients to provide the support needed to create a real end-to-end solution.

Our four-step, end-to-end approach ensures that your program aligns with your company’s goals and objectives while inspiring your employees to drive increased shareholder value and attain growth objectives.

plan design


Boost company performance and minimize complexity with a partner who will help your company ignite ownership.

Equity Administration

Equity Administration

IE_Icons_Compliance Reporting

Reporting and Compliance

Personalized compliance support helps you navigate award design and equity valuation with ease.


Employee Adoption and Communication

We deliver the right tools, communication, and education to ensure your employees make the most of the equity plan benefits you've given them.

When your employees act like owners, their potential is infinite.

When your employees act like owners, their potential is infinite.

We're on the same team.

We believe that delivering a successful equity compensation program is a team sport, which is why we begin every relationship by working to understand your goals, so that we can fully partner with you on the path to delivering a culture of ownership.

Speaking of meeting the team - get to know ours! The employee-owners of Infinite Equity are ready to help you reach your potential.

We are always looking for great people. If you think you would be a good fit, please send your resume to [email protected]