Employee Stock Purchase Plans

ESPPs are an effective way to promote employee ownership and can be structured to meet targeted company objectives due to their wide range of potential benefit level. Whether the goal is to maximize participation, create a culture of ownership or minimize compensation cost, Infinite Equity can leverage experience and market data to help make key decisions.

Infinite Equity has experience guiding companies through the entire process from the initial determination
of whether to offer, to program design, shareholder approval, and implementation.


Assess whether an ESPP is the right direction for the organization by developing clearly defined objectives and examining the benefits and cost of offering one


Determine which ESPP design aligns most with objectives
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Guarantee success through the Board and Shareholder approval process including support with share pool benchmarking, proxy advisory modeling, materials for the Committee, and plan document drafting


Accounting can be complex, data intensive and often not fully supported by administrative systems. Infinite Equity offers compliant and sustainable solutions covering a variety of unique provisions
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Ensure maximum success with a robust, mixed media communication strategy for your employees including print and digital mailers, “cafeteria” posters, townhall presentations, and educational videos

Data and Analytics

Dashboard summary of program participation compared to market and participant engagement from communication platform

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