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Bio: Terry Adamson is a Partner with Infinite Equity and a Fellow of Global Equity (FGE). Terry began his love affair with stock-based compensation over 20 years ago applying actuarial disciplines to minimize the accounting cost of employee equity under ASC718, while also maximizing the perceived value to participants. Terry became one of the premiere experts on Performance Share programs and gained the nickname “Mr. Relative TSR”. Terry continues to focus on performance equity, and the mission to tighten the alignment between pay and performance. Terry is very active in the equity community and has formerly served on the FASB Round Table on Employee Share Options and on the Executive Advisory Committee of the NASPP. Terry currently serves as the Chairperson of the Advisory Board of the Certified Equity Professional Institute (CEP) and the Society of Actuaries taskforce on stock option valuation.

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Terry Adamson

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VWAP Volatility Infinite Equity’s new approach to calculating historical volatility is to use Volume Weighted Average Prices (VWAPs).  The merits of using this approach can be found in our Research Brief, A New Way to Estimate Volatility.  The intent of this addendum is to illustrate how to calculate volatility using VWAP prices. Before we get…

Treatment of Equity for Retirement Eligible Employees


Retirement Eligible Employees and LTI: Accounting and Valuation Considerations Background Many companies allow for retirement eligible employees to continue to earn equity awards after retirement when meeting defined retirement criteria.  Sometimes the retirement criteria are based on an age, or service, or a combined total of age and service.  As a reward for their retirement…

Closing Prices Have Fat Tails


VWAP Volatility Infinite Equity is introducing innovative new thought leadership on the financial theory around determining historical volatility for purposes of ASC718. Introduced in the Research Brief, A New Way to Estimate Historical Volatility, and published collectively at www.VWAPVolatility.com. The intent of this Research Brief is to study closing prices compared against the tick-by-tick transaction…