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IE Newsletter _ March 2024

March 2024: Learn how videos are reshaping employee engagement and get tips for administering your plan

This edition includes:

  • How Video is Reshaping Employee Communications
  • Help Your Employees Track What’s Happening with Their Awards in Real Time
  • Our Masterclass Series Has Arrived
  • Relative Total Shareholder Return (RTSR) Checklist
  • Expected Term Input for Re-Valuing Options for the Purposes of PvP
  • Global Tax Withholding for Employee Equity Awards
  • How to Make Sense of Pay vs. Performance Data
  • Upcoming Infinite Equity Events
IE Newsletter _ December 2023

December 2023: End the Year Strong with Helpful Tips for Plan Administrators and Their Participants

This edition includes:

  • Infinite Equity Unveils Interactive Videos That Enhance Participants' Understanding of
    Their Equity Awards
  • Help Your Employees Monitor the Performance of Their Equity Plans
  • Infinite Equity Experts Become Board Members
    at Local NASPP and GEO Chapters
  • End-of-Year Tips for Equity Administrators
  • Private Companies: How Often Should You Review Your Equity Compensation Plans?
  • Commentary on the SEC’s Newly Released Compliance & Disclosure Interpretations
  • Participants Seek More Education to Unlock the Full Benefits of Their Equity Plan
  • Upcoming Infinite Equity Events
IE Newsletter _ September 2023

September 2023: Equity Benchmarking, Pay vs Performance Year 2, and More!

This edition includes:

  • Infinite Equity Recognized As A Stevie Award Gold Tier Winner
  • Restricted Stock Unit (RSU) Releases for Public Companies: Risks & Solutions
  • Unlock the Secrets of Stock Ownership Guidelines: 5 Must-Know Tips for Executives
  • SEC Pay vs. Performance Rules: Preparing for Year 2 Compliance
  • Tailoring Equity Benchmarking to Your Company's Unique DNA
  • Upcoming Infinite Equity Events