Pave + Infinite Equity: Partnering to Drive Clarity Around Equity Benchmarks 

Written By: Jon Burg

For companies who are just starting to create formal compensation policies, having robust data to support those decisions is incredibly important. Without it, guesswork and bias can lead to poor decisions and eliminate trust with employees.

If you have never run an equity program, there’s a lot to learn. From deciding how much equity you should grant to employees overall, to the individual decisions on how much equity to grant to each employee, to managing the equity program over time. Even with the best tools available, this is a daunting task. 

This is why Pave has decided to partner with Infinite Equity as a preferred partner. Pave is a leading provider of real-time compensation benchmarking and planning solutions. 

“We’re ecstatic about our partnership with Infinite Equity,” said Matt Schulman, CEO of Pave. “Infinite Equity has built a solid reputation as the leading equity compensation professional services firm in the industry. Our partnership means that we can deliver more value to our clients by referring them to a team that can undoubtedly solve complex equity compensation challenges.”

Infinite Equity will have access to the Pave real-time equity data and benchmarking insights, as well as provide meaningful industry expertise that will enhance the product for all customers. 

“Access to real-time equity compensation data is the foundation to understand how to competitively recruit and retain. Pave’s industry-leading equity insights are critical to our clients who need up to date information on how to structure their awards. We are excited to partner with Pave as they disrupt the compensation survey industry.” Jon Burg, Managing Partner, Infinite Equity. 

It’s critical in today’s environment that all organizations get the market data needed to confidently compensate their employees. Having a trusted partner that can help companies rapidly adjust their approach to equity compensation plan design and strategy can be the difference between surviving and thriving. Together, Infinite Equity and Pave are on a mission to help both public and private companies build competitive equity packages that retain talent, cultivate an ownership mindset throughout the organization, and preserve cash.  To learn more about this partnership and how it can help your organization, contact us here.

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