Financial Reporting Solutions

Infinite Equity enables companies to fulfill their equity compensation reporting requirements with efficiency and confidence. Our team of experts provides a wide-range of reporting solutions for all award types, requirements, and administration systems. Our approach will include thoughtful strategies to minimize accounting expense and reduce complexity.

Infinite Equity provides financial reporting solutions in the following areas:


Infinite Equity can support reporting requirements with a fully outsourced approach covering all types of awards and unique provisions. Solutions are designed to support your expense, tax, earnings per share, and disclosure needs.


Accounting for Employee Stock Purchase Plans can be complex, data intensive and are often not fully supported by administrative systems. Infinite Equity offers a range of fully compliant, sustainable ESPP solutions.
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Modification of existing awards is common and can range from basic (e.g., accelerations, extension of exercise periods, and performance goal adjustments) to the more complex (e.g., re-pricing and exchange of underwater options). Infinite Equity’s support includes determination of the accounting treatment, calculation of fair value and incremental expense, a signed report, and audit support.

Infinite Equity offers custom solutions for companies involved in an M&A or spin-off transactions.
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Changing administration systems or migrating from spreadsheets is challenging and can have material impact to financial statements. Infinite Equity combines accounting expertise with knowledge of the most prevalent administrative systems to assist companies through conversion.

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