MyPerformanceAwards is a real-time solution for tracking performance equity plans and providing award holders clear insight into the current value of their outstanding awards.

Benefits of MyPerformanceAwards:

  • Certified Results ‐ Final performance results are reviewed and verified
  • Daily Updates ‐ Market data is fed to the site daily and calculations are automatically refreshed to
    reflect the most recent performance results
  • Auditable Calculations ‐ Supporting details are available for complete transparency
  • Quarterly Reporting Quick access to contingently issuable shares for diluted EPS calculations
  • Award holder Communication ‐ Powerful tool for participants to understand and appreciate the value of their award
  • Platform Integration ‐ Information can be sent to your equity administration platform

Additional functionality available on MyPerformanceAwards:

  • Personalization - Customize the look and experience for participants including filtering of award details
  • Monitor Traffic - Track users by email to better understand site usage and tailor communication approach
  • Email Alerts - Receive automatic alerts on a wide variety of events (e.g., performance period end, stock price achievement, peer changes, etc.)
  • Schedule Reports - Receive the Excel files in your email for specific dates (e.g., quarter end)
  • General Education - Provide education to participants about how performance is measured (e.g., "How to calculate TSR?")

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