Chuong Pham

Team: Analysts/Consultants

Job Title: Chuong Pham

Bio: Chuong Pham is a Managing Director at Infinite Equity. He is an equity compensation professional with over 20 years of experience in the design, redesign, launch and administration of equity plans to drive greater efficiencies and engagement. Chuong regularly advises C-level business leaders and Compensation Committees on plan design, competitive analysis, accounting, taxation, and regulatory compliance for all types of equity compensation in various industries. He developed his expertise while serving as a senior manager and director with Deloitte for 10 years and an executive compensation attorney with the global law firm DLA Piper for 7 years. Prior to joining Infinite Equity, he was the leader of advisory and professional services for Certent, Inc.

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Chuong Pham

Private Company ESPPs: Thinking Outside the Public Company Box


ESPPs for small- to mid-sized private companies. Employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs) have traditionally been a vehicle for public companies, and are often rolled out upon an initial public offering to rally human capital. For private companies, securities law constraints and the illiquidity of the stock were often considered challenges that outweighed the benefits of…

Compliance Requirements for Changes to Volatility Methodologies


VWAP Volatility Infinite Equity is introducing innovative new thought leadership on the financial theory around determining historical volatility for purposes of ASC718. Introduced in the Research Brief, A New Way to Estimate Volatility, and published collectively at In this article, we provide guidance for companies who decide to change their methodology to VWAP volatility. …