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Bio: Robyn is a Managing Director at Infinite Equity, specializing in global equity compensation consulting for multinational employers. She has over 20 years of experience advising companies on all aspects of their equity compensation programs, including plan design and implementation, employee communications strategies, and administration efficiencies and optimization. Prior to joining Infinite Equity, Robyn held various leadership positions with Computershare, the Global Equity Organization (GEO), the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals (NASPP), and several San Diego based technology companies. Robyn is an active board member for the Certified Equity Professional Institute, a frequent speaker on equity compensation topics, and co-author of the book, “If I’d Only Known That.” Robyn has a Bachelor of Arts in English from San Diego State University, a Paralegal Certificate (with honors) from the ABA Paralegal Program at the University of San Diego, and is a Fellow of Global Equity (FGE) and a Certified Equity Professional (CEP). She is based in San Diego.

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Robyn Shutak

The Progression of an Equity Strategy

The Progression of an Equity Strategy

Managing an effective equity strategy involves balancing your company’s equity philosophy, utilizing market benchmarks, and ensuring affordability. Internal and external forces, such as changes in leadership or market volatility, can tell us it’s time to review this balancing act. Let’s take a look at the most important factors to consider when evolving your equity plan. 

RB Global Case Study

RB Case Study

RB Global stands as a premier omnichannel marketplace, offering invaluable insights, services, and transaction solutions for global buyers and sellers of commercial assets and vehicles. With auction sites spanning 13 nations, RB Global caters to clients in over 170 countries. In 2023, Ritchie Bros. acquired IAA and introduced RB Global, the holding company under which…

Unlocking Equity Engagement: The Role of Videos in Your Strategy

Unlocking Equity Engagement The Role of Videos in Your Strategy

Incorporating video into your equity compensation communication strategy can revolutionize how companies educate and engage employees. Research consistently shows that visuals enhance information retention, making video ideal for simplifying complex concepts. Quality video content not only imparts knowledge effectively, but also boosts brand awareness and nurtures organizational culture through ongoing efforts. Before we dive into…

Crafting Timely Messages for Maximum Impact

Unlocking Equity Engagement Crafting Timely Messages for Maximum Impact

Employees are most interested in their equity benefits at times when it’s most relevant to them. Most equity compensation professionals know this but don’t always know what messages they should be sending or when they should send them.  Over the years, Infinite Equity has developed guiding principles for a winning communication plan with specifics on…

Maximizing Equity Compensation: The IMPACT of Effective Communication Strategies

Maximizing Equity Compensation The IMPACT of Effective Communication Strategies

Research shows that effective communication is paramount to the success of equity compensation programs. When done right, it enhances employee engagement, fosters a sense of ownership, and helps employees make informed decisions. Let’s delve into why employees are looking for more education and how a robust communication strategy can positively impact various aspects of equity…

Equity Benchmarking – Why It Matters, and What Position is Best for You

Equity Benchmarking

While several factors influence the structure and scope of equity plans, benchmarking stands out as a pivotal tool to gauge your position in the industry relative to peers. It offers a strategic lens through which you can evaluate where your organization stands vis-a-vis industry counterparts. In a landscape where businesses increasingly vie for the best…

The Importance of Educating Participants

The Importance of Educating Participants

Keeping participants educated and engaged is vital to the success of any equity program. Failure to do so can lead to several negative outcomes ranging from low participation rates, to tax surprises and poor productivity.  The latest statistics* all illustrate that even though participants value their equity plans, they need more education to really unlock…

Creating ESPP Engagement All Year: Multi-Channel, Year-Round Communication


Until recently, employees often heard about ESPP benefits from their employers once or twice a year— usually during open enrollment. However, studies have shown that frequent communication is essential for keeping ESPP benefits top of mind and reinforcing the employee value proposition. Learn more about how a multi-channel, year-round approach can keep the conversation going…

How Your HR Team Can Improve An Equity Compensation Communication Strategy


Developments in technology have facilitated an easier path to reach participants and educate them on equity compensation plans so they can fully maximize all of the benefits that come along with these offerings, and in turn, boost engagement rates. Read more on how your HR team can improve their equity compensation communication strategy.

5 Ways Poor Communication is Hurting Your Equity Compensation Programs

5 Ways Poor Communication is Hurting Your Equity Compensation Programs

Research has shown that when an organization lacks a solid equity compensation communication strategy, equity programs can fall short of their potential, and may even struggle to attract your employees’ attention. In this white paper, our expert team examines five ways poor communication is hurting your equity compensation programs with proven solutions.